USPS Adds Digital Philatelic Products

[press release]
U.S. Postal Service to Announce Innovative New Stamp Products at World Stamp Show-NY 2016

USPS StampApp, eGuide to U.S. Stamps, Souvenir Portfolio and Water Soluble Forever Stamps to be Featured

NEW YORK CITY — The U.S. Postal Service will announce several new and innovative stamp products during the World Stamp Show-NY 2016, which begins Saturday, May 28 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The new products include The World Stamp Show Souvenir Portfolio, a book with a number of impressive digital and tactile features; the 2015 eGuide to U.S. Stamps, a digital version of the Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps, 42nd Edition; the USPS StampApp, the only official U.S. stamp collecting app; and new Forever stamps that are water soluble.

s_classicsThe water soluble feature is available on the Classics Forever stamps, which will be issued during the show on Wednesday, June 1. The pressure-sensitive adhesive on the stamps make them water soluble, enabling philatelists to remove these special stamps from envelopes after they have been used by soaking them in plain water. This is the first time this feature has been included on a Forever stamp.

“Stamps have a way of connecting the world, and now it’s happening digitally,” said Postal Service Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane. “Leveraging digital technology is incredibly important to the future of stamp collecting, and increasingly, you will find new technologies embedded within stamps that will have the potential to bridge the physical and digital.”

USPS StampApp
stampappThe USPS StampApp is the only official U.S. collecting app and the only collectibles app that includes an entire reference library along with user-generated content for philatelists to upload their own stamp collection. Designed for collectors and stamp enthusiasts of all ages, StampApp affords users beautiful, high-resolution imagery of the U.S. stamp archive, with details and production specifications that are important to collectors. Users can manage their personal collections on StampApp, knowing that everything is securely and permanently stored in the Cloud, where it is always accessible on all of their devices.

  • Browse the entire USPS stamp archive, from the Postmaster’s Provisionals of 1845 to the 2016 first quarter issues.
  • Inventory, valuate and manage your own collections, with extensive fields for condition, purchase price, specifications, current values and the like.
  • Personalize your viewing content by selecting stamp information and data fields of choice.
  • Create “Wish Lists” by browsing the USPS archive and selecting desired stamps.
  • Share your wish lists with others via email or social media.
  • Export your entire personal collection to XML, Excel or Plain Text format.
  • Stamp and collecting data sync automatically among all your devices.
  • Upload images to StampApp from your personal collection.

The USPS StampApp will be available on, Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

2015 eGuide to U.S. Stamps
e-guideThe Postal Service crosses philately’s digital divide with the brand new 2015 Postal Service eGuide to U.S Stamps.

The U.S. Postal Service takes the lead in digital stamp display with a first-of-its-kind eBook of stamps. Like its print-book brother, the eGuide to U.S. Stamps encompasses more than 7,000 U.S. stamps from 1845 to the present. This is the only official compilation of U.S. postage stamps issued by the Postal Service. Extensive content includes detailed listings for each stamp with color illustrations, dates of issue, quantities issued, and separate listings for design variations. Multiple categories are covered — definitive, commemorative, airmail, duck stamps, stamped envelopes, and more — all organized into easily accessible indexes with an updated Stamp Series section that lists all stamps issued per series.

The benefits of the eGuide to US Stamps include:

  • Immediately downloadable and always available, requiring no internet connection once downloaded
  • Pinch and zoom for close-up and full page viewing
  • Responsive and accurate full-text search capability
  • Links to external-referenced resources and internal links via comprehensive indexes
  • Customizable fontpreferences and sizes
  • Perfectly portable – tuck the entire U.S. stamp archive into your pocket or purse

The Postal Service eGuide to U.S. Stamps will be available for reading on Kindle, Apple and Android tablets and phones, and can be purchased online at over 1,000 eBook retailers including the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon, and

[In a discussion I had with one of the developers of the eGuide, this is a real e-book, not just a .pdf file saved in Kindle and Nook formats. We’ll have more on these two digital products in the near future. —Lloyd de Vries]

The World Stamp Show Souvenir Portfolio
folioThe World Stamp Show Souvenir Portfolio is a coffee-table book that features information about each of the eight stamps to be released during the Show. The design elements in this book include lenticular, textured and even Augmented Reality sprinkled throughout the pages. It also includes sleeves for inserting the stamp panes being issued during the week of the show, which must be purchased separately. The August 2015 World Stamp Show-NY 2016 stamp pane is included. The Portfolio can be purchased at World Stamp Show-NY 2016.

Learn more about the innovative new stamp products along with many other digital features at the U.S. Postal Service’s exhibit booth at the World Stamp Show-NY 2016, which continues through June 4. The United States plays host to this sanctioned international stamp show only once every 10 years.

On June 2, during the show, United States Postmaster General and CEO Megan J. Brennan will dedicate a pane of 16 stamps featuring America’s National Park Services in celebration of their centennial year. This event will be webcast and coincides with special dedication ceremonies across the nation that day. Also throughout the week, the U.S. Postal Service will dedicate seven other commemorative postage stamps on site.

These products and many of this year’s other stamps may be seen on Facebook via Twitter@USPSstamps oron the website, the Postal Service’s online site for information on upcoming stamp subjects, first-day-of-issue events and other philatelic news.

The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

World Stamp Show-New York 2016 Opens

The featured speakers at the opening ceremony both knew about stamps from personal experience: U.S. Navy Admiral (ret.) Thomas B. Fargo collects them – “Collecting has been an immensely satisfying part of my life.” – and U.S. Postal Service Chief Marketing & Sales Officer James Cochrane has been selling them for his entire career, starting at New Jersey post offices where he began his career. wss_ribbonFrom left to right, Master of Ceremonies Jamie Gough, “Alexander Hamilton,” Adm. Fargo, WSS-NY president Wade Saadi, Vice Admiral Joseph P. Mulloy, and Cochrane, cut the ribbon to start the snow.

wss_mulloyThe two Naval officers were a nod to New York City’s “Fleet Week,” an annual event where many U.S. Navy ships dock in the city and the streets are filled with sailors and Marines on shore leave.

In introducing Fargo, a former three-star admiral, Mulloy (left) mentioned that both men were submariners, and that Fargo had visited the North Pole in 1993 but “he did not make any covers.”

Fargo said he had, although only to send letters to wss_fargomembers of his family. He also admitted that he was more of a “shoebox collector.” His holdings include “my prized mint plate block collection.” When he asked an expert about what to do with that collection, he related wryly, the response was “Have you ever thought of using it for postage?”

Fargo ended his speech by noting that the last day of the show, June 4th, is the 74th anniversary of the Battle of Midway, a turning point for World War II in the Pacific Ocean, and next December 7th will be the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Read more on Fargo and his distinguished career here.)

Gough, the MC, praised the USPS for delivering quickly almost everywhere in the USA “for 49 cents” [oops] and suggested that if those attending the show are worried about the government reading their e-mails, “send a letter.”

wss_cochraneCochrane mentioned that the USPS employs more than 113,000 veterans. He then announced several new digital products from the USPS: An e-book version of The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps, USPS Stamp App, and some digital features to the World Stamp Show Folio that was issued Saturday at WSS-NY. He predicted that it is a matter of time before U.S. stamps themselves have electronic features, such as video and audio!

[We will have more on the app and e-book soon. Meanwhile, check out the press release from the USPS.]]

He noted that the Classics Forever stamps coming out next week at WSS has water-soluble adhesive: “You asked for it and we heard you.”

Cochrane also said the USPS has brought in more collectors by expanding topical offerings. He wrapped up by saying he would be the dedicating official at the Assateague Island National Seashore on the first day of the National Park Service Centennial stamps, while Postmaster General Megan Brennan will handle the main first day ceremony at the show.

wss_hamiltonThen there was a surprise speaker: Alexander Hamilton. The humorous speech was mostly about his life and times, and how even he can’t get tickets to the smash hit Broadway musical “Hamilton.” There wasn’t much philatelic content in his talk until at the end he mentioned the 1957 $5 stamp with his portrait on it.

The “recreator” was later on the so how floor.

[BTW, he referred to himself as “a bastard and his orphan.” I read the 2005 Ron Chernow book, considered the definitive biography of Hamilton and on which wss_weizmanthe musical is based, and Hamilton never considered himself a bastard. -LdeV]

Just before the ribbon cutting, “Magenta” owner and shoe designer Stuart Weizman (left) gave a short welcome via video from Spain; he said he would be attending the show later in its run.

National Research Council envelope (Canada 2016)

From Canada Post’s Details magazine:
NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF CANADA Commemorative envelopeIssue date: June 6thcan_researchenv

We honour the 100th anniversary of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) by showcasing some of the many cutting-edge Canadian inventions it has fostered over the past century. From advances in early aviation safety and nuclear medicine to vaccines and space-based engineering, they represent NRC’s dedication to the science and innovation that builds new industry, enhances national security, and improves the well-being of Canadians

Birds of Canada (Canada 2016)

From Canada Post’s Details magazine
can_birds01Issue date: July 12, 2016

“I’m a collector, illustrator, artist and designer. These projects bring all of those elements together.
— Keith Martin, illustrator

can_birds05Hatched by designer Kosta Tsetsekas and illustrator Keith Martin, these stamps are the first in a three-year series celebrating Canada’s avian citizens. Our first flock includes five official birds: the Atlantic puffin (Newfoundland and Labrabor), the great horned owl (Alberta), the common raven (Yukon), the rock ptarmigan (Nunavut) and the sharp-tailed grouse (Saskatchewan).
To help create the series, Martin learned about his feathered can_birds04subjects. He explains that, “You ultimately have to understand the physicality of these creatures.”

Martin’s illustrations focus on the most striking traits of each bird: the cartoon-like colouring of the patterns, colours and textures that come together to create the character and warmth of these birds.”

can_birds03Forced to pick a favourite, Martin chose the puffin. “When it’s flying, it’s like a missile,” he says, “but when it lands, it always looks like it’s doing it for the first time. I wanted to reflect that quirkiness in my illustration.”

With two more years of Canadian birds waiting in the wings, Tsetsekas is equally keen to see the next issues soar. “Before a single image was finalized, Keith and I worked together to plan can_birds02each bird in the 15-stamp series,” he smiles. “So, naturally, we’re eager to see them take flight.”

Dinos of Canada (Canada 2016)

Scott Catalogue has assigned the following numbers:

2923 Souvenir Sheet of 5
2924 Troodon inequalis
2925 Dimetrodon borealis
2926 Comox Valley elasmosaur
2927 Cypretherium coarctatum
2928 Acrotholus audeti

[press release]
Predator or prey? There’s more than meets the eye in Dinos of Canada stamp sequel can_5dinosOTTAWA, May 26, 2016 /CNW/ – The mystery about the prehistoric creatures depicted in Canada Post’s exciting new Dinos of Canada stamp series is whether they are the hunters or the hunted.

can_dinos05The series, unveiled today, depicts five beasts from Canada’s geological past as reflections in the eyes of their prey or the predators stalking them. They are vividly illustrated by Sergey Krasovskiy, one of the world’s top paleo-artists.

The stamp design team at Vancouver’s Subplot Design Inc., led by Roy White, created an interesting storyline for the stamps with each eye as its unique frame. The stamps inspire the imagination without having to depict an entire scene.

The repeating eye motif comes roaring back on the uncut press sheet as the eye of a hungry tyrannosaur and as the frame for a single stamp among seven other souvenir sheets.

The creatures’ fossils were found across Canada and represent vastly different geological times. The animals were chosen with the help of the Canadian Museum of Nature, which assisted in the development of the 2015 series. They are:

  • can_dinos05Acrotholus audeti – This small dinosaur possessed a skull bearing a 10-centimeter thick dome of solid bone over the eyes. The bipedal herbivore may have used the dome to butt heads with other members of its species. It inhabited the then coastal lowlands of Alberta about 85 million years ago.
  • can_dinos02Comox Valley elasmosaur (this fossil has not yet been given a scientific name) – The vicious marine reptile had a neck nearly seven metres long that helped it hunt its prey 83 million years ago. It was discovered in 1988 by a father and his 12-year-old daughter prospecting for fossils in the Comox Valley.
  • can_dinos04Cypretherium coarctatum – One of a group of mammals commonly known as “terminator pigs,” this fearsome beast had a long, narrow snout with menacing pointed teeth at the front. It lived on the ancient floodplains of Saskatchewan 35 million years ago.
  • Dimetrodon borealis – Heralded upon its discovery as can_dinos03Canada’s first dinosaur, paleontologists later came to realize it was a mammal-like reptile. Its fearsome jaws were filled with serrated teeth and it likely used a sail on its back for display. It lived in what is now Prince Edward Island about 270 million years ago in, when it was hot and dry and located near the Equator.
  • can_dinos01Troodon inequalis – The bird-like dinosaur was similar to the carnivorous Velociraptor of Jurassic Park movie fame. It had the largest brain of any dinosaur in relation to its body size and was a resident of Alberta’s coastal lowlands about 75 million years ago.

About the stamps
The four-colour stamps measure 40 mm x 40 mm. They are available in booklets of 10 permanent stamps printed by Lowe-Martin. The uncut press sheet measures 480 mm by 650 mm and features an enlargement of a tyrannosaur, whose eye is the frame for a single stamp among seven other souvenir sheets. Each souvenir sheet measures 159 mm by 105 mm and consists of five stamps. The cancel image on the Official First Day Cover features dinosaur tracks. The cancel site is Courtenay, B.C., where the Courtenay and District Museum and Palaeontology Centre is home to the Comox Valley elasmosaur.

Pink Floyd (UK 2016)

[press release]

  • 10 new stamps will be issued on 7 July 2016 to celebrate one of the most successful and influential British rock bands of all time
  • Six stamps feature iconic album covers: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn; Atom Heart Mother; The Dark Side Of The Moon; Wish You Were Here; Animals and The Endless River
  • A further four stamps within a miniature sheet celebrate the ground-breaking live performances of the band, from the appearances at the now legendary UFO Club, London in 1966 where they invented the ‘psychedelic’ light show; to the extremely ambitious staging for albums such as The Wall and the Division Bell tours
  • The Division Bell album cover appeared on a stamp in 2010
  • The stamps are available to pre-order online from 26 May at
  • The stamps will be available to purchase in 8,000 Post Offices from 7 July 2016

Royal Mail today reveal images of a set of 10 stamps that will be issued to mark 50 years since Pink Floyd turned professional and became the ‘house band’ of the London Underground movement of music and arts.

The stamps are available to pre-order from 26 May 2016 at and to purchase from 8,000 Post Offices from 7 July 2016.

uk_pinkfloydpfSix stamps feature iconic album covers: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn; Atom Heart Mother;The Dark Side Of The Moon; Wish You Were Here; Animals and The Endless River.

The band is renowned for its innovative album covers, many of which have become design classics. Through working with leading graphic designers and photographers, they established a body of work that is instantly recognisable, with album cover art considered among the most iconic ever created. Most of the band’s album covers were devised by Hipgnosis, co-founded by Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson in 1968. They were at the forefront of album cover design, using experimental techniques in photography and multiple exposures, and retouching to create the startling images.

uk_pinkfloydwalltourA further four stamps within a miniature sheet celebrate the live performances of the band. Arguably the most visually literate band of all time, as well as being one of the most successful, their live appearances were renowned. They were among the first groups to make extensive use of light shows and projection of films for their appearances, increasing in ambition over the decades.

The four images convey the experience of these live performances, from the appearances at the influential UFO Club, London in 1966 where they invented the ‘psychedelic’ light show; to the extremely ambitious staging for albums such as The Wall and the Division Bell tours.

uk_pinkfloyddarksidePink Floyd were formed when the founding trio of bassist Roger Waters, drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Rick Wright were augmented by original guitarist Syd Barrett. In 1968, guitarist David Gilmour joined the band shortly before Barrett’s departure.

Few bands in the history of rock have managed to carve out a career as rich and expansive as that of Pink Floyd. From their blues-based psychedelic roots, the members of the outfit have created some of modern music’s most totemic and inspirational albums, with ground-breaking live performances to match.

uk_pinkfloydpfTHE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN (EMI Columbia, 1967)
Pink Floyd’s psychedelic debut is named after Chapter 7 of Kenneth Grahame’s classic children’s novel, The Wind in the Willows, one of frontman Syd Barrett’s favourite books. Photographer Vic Singh shot the cover image using a prism lens given to him by George Harrison some weeks earlier.


ATOM HEART MOTHER (EMI uk_pinkfloydatomHarvest, 1970)
Pink Floyd’s fifth album provided them with their first UK Number One. It was also the first of their LPs not to feature the band’s name on the front of the sleeve, setting the tone for subsequent albums. Hipgnosis, co-founded by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell, designed the cover – the cow’s name is Lulubelle III.


uk_pinkfloyddarksideWith sales in excess of 40 million copies worldwide, The Dark Side Of The Moon remains in the Billboard chart in America over 40 years after its release, and has been entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-charting album. Created by Hipgnosis, with graphics by George Hardie of NTA, the prism device is a classic.



uk_pinkfloydwishyouWISH YOU WERE HERE (EMI Harvest, 1975)
With a theme of ‘absence’, the Hipgnosis design message was summarised by Storm Thorgerson as ‘not being present in a relationship or conversation’. The concept even extended to the album being shrink-wrapped in opaque black plastic which had to be slit or removed to access the music and images.


uk_pinkfloydanimalsANIMALS (EMI Harvest, 1977)
Animals was released as punk raged. While Johnny Rotten wore a T-shirt with the slogan ‘I Hate Pink Floyd’, Nick Mason busied himself producing The Damned’s Music for Pleasure. The photograph of Battersea Power Station features the now legendary floating inflatable pig designed by Roger Waters.



uk_pinkfloydriverTHE ENDLESS RIVER (Parlophone Warner, 2014)
Ostensibly a tribute to the late Richard Wright and described as a ‘headphones’ album by David Gilmour, The Endless River beat all records for volumes of online pre-orders. For the album cover, Aubrey Powell discovered 18-year old graphic designer Ahmed Emad Eldin’s enigmatic work, which was recreated by design company Stylorouge and photographer, Simon Fowler.

uk_pinkfloydliveWhile their studio work has always been important, Pink Floyd have been defined by their live performances. Their early shows in 1966 at London’s UFO Club married the use of pioneering liquid light effects that matched the psychedelic quality of the music itself.

By 1973, the band’s stage set was further expanded to mirror the dramatic sensibilities of the music: the tension that pervades The Dark Side of the Moon was reflected by lighting director Arthur Max’s innovative work, which included a 15-foot model plane flying over the audience, crashing on stage in sync with the explosion during the track On the Run. The In The Flesh Tour (aka The Animals Tour) of 1977 continued that pattern of spectacle through the use of inflatables, including the now famous pigs, and saw Pink Floyd make US stadiums their own.

Next came the Wall, Roger Water’s ambitious theatrical concept base on alienation which saw a physical wall built between the audience and the band.

Some 14 years later, spectacular stadium shows had become the norm, with Floyd underlining their status as pioneers during The Division Bell Tour, captured to great effect on the p.u.l.s.e DVD and beating all records in terms of gate receipts.

1st Class UFuk_pinkfloydufoO Club, 1966. The UFO Club opened on Dec. 23, 1966. Pink Floyd were booked for the opening along with Soft Machine.

uk_pinkfloydmoontour1st Class – The Dark Side of the Moon Tour, 1973.  This show included the special effect of a plane crashing into the stage at the end of the song On the Run.

uk_pinkfloydwalltour£1.52 – The Wall Tour, 1981. Gerald Scarfe and Roger Waters designed a series of animations for the Wall Tour.  These animations were projected onto a 40-foot high wall of cardboard bricks which was gradually built between the band and audience.

uk_pinkfloydbelltour£1.52 The Division Bell Tour, 1994. Over 5.3 million tickets were sold for this tour and it grossed approx. 100 million US dollars.

Canada Post, MoneyGram Aid Wildfire Victims

[press release]
MoneyGram Waives Fees for Donations to American Red Cross for Wildfire Relief Efforts in Canada
Company also working with Canada Post and Canadian Government to provide financial aid to victims

moneygramMoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI) announced it has initiated support initiatives to help those impacted by the massive wildfires in Canada. From now through the end of June, MoneyGram is waiving fees for those who want to donate to the American Red Cross to support wildfire relief efforts.

MoneyGram and Canada Post are also working together to distribute $1.6 million in relief funds being granted by the Canadian Government. More than 1700 MoneyGram issued money transfer checks will be available for pick-up at Canada Post locations.

“Our hearts go out to those impacted by these terrible fires,” said Pete Ohser, executive vice president, Americas and Europe. “With the help of the Red Cross and Canada Post, we are focused on ensuring financial assistance gets to those who need it most during this crucial time. I’d also like to say ‘thank you’ to each and every first responder who continues to fight these fires by putting themselves in harm’s way; their courage and determination are inspiring.”

In response to a request for assistance from the Canadian Red Cross, the American Red Cross has deployed 50 disaster response specialists who are working in several functional areas, including case management, information management, shelter management, mapping and psychosocial support.

Donations to the Red Cross can be made at or any MoneyGram agent location in the U.S. All donations should be submitted to the American Red Cross under receive code 2540 to waive the transaction fee. Any dollar amount will be accepted up to a maximum of $249.99 per transaction.

Israel’s June 2016 Issues: Summer, Sports, Dogs, WWI

From Israel Post; click on the links for more information on the issues:
isr_summer“We celebrate long, lazy summer days, vacation time and fun with our stamp for Summer, picturing the beach, the sea and of course the sun!

“It’s also time for the Summer Olympics and for Rio 2016 we have chosen to feature three major sports for Israeli athletes – Track and Field, Judo and Sailing. Good luck to our team! These stamps are a must have for a collector of sports stamps.

isr_dog2“It’s time we say thanks to “man’s best friend”. Dogs not only make wonderful pets but they serve humans in many different ways. Our Service Dogs stamps feature Guide dogs for the blind and Search and Rescue dogs who save many lives.

“Continuing our historic series marking the WWI Centenary we are issuing a stamp on Aerial Warfare 1916. This is certainly an important issue for collectors of military and aircraft themes. This stamp tells the interesting story of aircraft used in Eretz Israel and features the German Rumpler C-IV airplane.

“Sisters Viki and Riki, from central Israel, model for our June ATM Adopt a Dog issue:”isr_svcdogatmThese stamps will all be issued June 21st.

Olympic Games – Rio 2016 (Israel 2016)

isr_olympicsThe ancient Olympic Games were held over a period of 1500 years. The Games were reestablished in the late 19th century by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and the first modern Olympics took place in Athens in 1896.

Since then, the Olympic Games have been held regularly every four years, except during WWI and WWII.

The Summer Olympics constitute the largest event of any kind in the world.

The 31st modern Olympiad will commence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 5, 2016. This marks the first time that the Olympics have been hosted in South America.

Israel participated in the Olympic Games for the first time in Helsinki 1952. The infamous 1972 Munich games will eternally be mourned for the 11 members of the Israeli delegation who were murdered there – athletes, trainers and referees. Israel won its first Olympic medal in Barcelona in 1992 and its first gold medal in Athens 2004.

Israel’s Olympic medalists are:

Yael Arad – silver, Barcelona 1992; Oren Smadja – bronze, Barcelona 1992; Gal Friedman – bronze, Atlanta 1996; Michael Kolganov – bronze, Sydney 2000; Gal Friedman – gold, Athens 2004; Arik Ze’evi – bronze, Athens 2004; Shahar Zubari – bronze, Beijing 2008.

Track and Field – Triple Jump
isr_jumpTrack and Field – the queen of sports – is the most popular Olympic sport. Israeli athletes began participating in Olympic track and field in 1952.

Track and field includes 47 Olympic events – running, jumping and throwing. The triple jump begins with a run up start and is then comprised of the hop, the step and the jump.

In the triple jump event conducted at the first modern Olympics in 1896 all three stages started with the same leg. The current style was first instated in the Paris games of 1900.

The women’s triple jump was recognized as a world record event in 1990 and it became an Olympic event for the first time in Atlanta 1996.

The men’s world record – 18.29 meters – is held by Jonathan Edwards of Great Britain. The women’s world record – 15.50 meters – is held by Inessa Kravets of Ukraine. The Israeli men’s record holder is Nahum Rogel (17.20 meters) and the Israeli women’s record holder is Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko (14.78 meters).

Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko is the Beijing 2015 World Championship silver-medalist and she will represent Israel in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

—Rafi Peled
Chairman, Israel Athletic Association

isr_judoThe Japanese martial art of Judo became an Olympic sport at the 1964 Tokyo Games. Judo is now one of the most popular sports in Israel and throughout the world.

The Israel Judo Championships have been conducted regularly since 1969 for men and since 1976 for women.

Judo is one of the sports in which Israel has earned the most Olympic medals: Israel’s first two Olympic medals were awarded to Yael Arad and Oren Smadja in Barcelona 1992, and Arik Ze’evi won an Olympic medal in Athens 2004.

Over the years, and especially in recent years, Israeli judokas have won numerous medals around the world, among them Yarden Gerbi’s noteworthy 2013 World Championship gold medal, a first in the history of Israeli judo.

—Sagi Gur
CEO, Israel Judo Association

Sailing – RS:X Windsurfing
isr_windSailing is one of Israel’s most prominent sports. The most prominent achievement in this field is the Olympic gold medal for windsurfing.

The RS:X windsurfer replaced the Mistral model in 2005.

The RS:X was first used at the 2006 Israeli Championships and marked the transition to the younger generation of windsurfers: Gal Friedman, Olympic gold medalist from the Athens 2004

games (Mistral model) came in fourth, while Shahar Zubari won the competition. In the women’s competition, Maayan Davidovich beat former World Champion Lee Korzits. Israel was represented at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing by Zubari and Davidovich, both of whom qualified for the medal sailings and Zubari even won a bronze medal.

Lee Korzits won four consecutive world championship titles and was ranked sixth in the London 2012 games. She is Israelís most decorated athlete.

Israel will be represented at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by Israeli windsurfers Maayan Davidovich and Shahar Zubari.

—Smadar Pintov
CEO, Israel Sailing Association

Description of the Stamps
Track and Field – Triple Jump
Stamp design based on a photograph by Ariel Chissick.

Sailing – RS:X Windsurfing
Stamp design based on a photograph by Amit Schussel.

Stamp design based on a photograph provided courtesy of the Olympic Committee of Israel.

Official expression ìRio 2016î on the stamp: © 2016 International Olympic Committee.

The Olympic Committee of Israel logo on stamp and cancellation: © The Olympic Committee of Israel. Issue: June 2016

Technical Details:
Issue: June 21, 2016
Stamps Size (mm): H 40 W 30
Plates: 1020, 1021, 1022
Stamps per Sheet: 10
Tabs per Sheet: 5
Method of printing: Offset
Security mark: Microtext
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France

Service Dogs (Israel 2016)

isr_dogpairThe connection between humans and ancient dogs (which evolved from wolves) began thousands of years ago. These dogs helped humans hunt and protected them and their possessions. The special bond has continued to grow and the dog is thought of as ìa manís best friendî. Dogs serve humans in many different ways: hunting, herding, transportation and guidance, defense and security, location, search and rescue, detection of drugs and explosives, aid to the disabled including guide dogs for the blind and even disease detection. In addition to individuals, dogs assist police and military security forces. These forces operate special canine units: the Israel Police Canine Unit and the IDF Oketz Special Canine Unit. These dogs go through a meticulous selection process from birth and later undergo significant training that requires great knowledge and patience.

Guide Dogs
isr_dog1Guide dogs allow blind people to be independent and increase their self confidence. They are chosen from breeds that have proven over time to be suited to working with blind humans. In Israel most guide dogs are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers or a combination of the two.

Dr. Rudolphina Menzel began training service dogs in 1937 and in 1953 she established the first school for guide dogs in Kiryat Haim. At the age of 6-8 weeks, puppies are given to foster families who raise them during their first year in order to expose them to desired behavior at home and in public and to instill them with the appropriate tools.

At age one year, the dogs return to professional training schools for an additional five months of training and assessment of their suitability. In the final stage, dogs that are found to be suitable train with blind people in preparation for their lives together.

Training guide dogs is very expensive. While there are approximately 26,000 blind people living in Israel today, only some 300 currently have guide dogs.

These dogs “retire” at age 8-9. If possible, they remain in their human partner’s home even after a new guide dog arrives.

Search and Rescue
isr_dog2Search and Rescue dogs belong to various different breeds, including the Belgian Shepherd Malinois, which appears on the stamp. S&R dogs perform a large variety of tasks, including locating missing persons and people trapped beneath rubble. Dogs can move and maneuver quickly in places that are difficult for humans to access. Their sense of smell and hearing are much more acute than those of humans. Such dogs have saved many lives in disaster areas. They are loyal helpers and enhance their teams’ operative abilities.

Special bonds are formed in these units between the dogs and their handlers, who treat them with warmth and love. When the dogs finish their service they remain with the family of their last handler.

These dogs are included in the praiseworthy IDF Home Front Command Search and Rescue teams that are deployed overseas in times of disaster and improve Israel’s image.

—Dr. Yoni Yehuda
PhD in Psychology A.A.T

Our thanks to the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind, Beit Oved and the IDF Oketz Special Canine Unit.

Technical Details:
Issue: June 21, 2016
Stamps Size (mm): H 30 W 40
Plates: 1025, 1026
Stamps per Sheet: 15
Tabs per Sheet: 5
Method of printing: Offset
Security mark: Microtext
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France