Bruce “Batman” Wayne Collects Stamps

Score another for philately!

It was mentioned in one of the 1967 TV episodes, and confirmed recently at New York Comic Con by the comic books’ current co-editors. You can read the story here. The episode is Episode 51, second season, “A Piece of The Action,” and you can see Bruce and Dick examining stamps, starting at 2:47. One place to watch the episode is here.

The VSC radio feature on this is here.

2 thoughts on “Bruce “Batman” Wayne Collects Stamps

  1. Batman stamps? Not in my collection.

    I am a nearly lifetime collector of stamps. It is difficult for me to remember when I was not collecting stamps. Non-soaking self-stick stamps and secondarily their subjects have killed my interest in U.S. new issues. That does not mean, however, that I have stopped collecting stamps.

    I purchased a sheet of the Fort McHenry stamps, from USPS Stamp Fulfillment even. I will use every one of them on my mail, in the hope, forlorn hope my guess, that some unknown soul will see one and become curious about the War of 1812, or even become a stamp collector.

  2. It may not be the most important issue of the year. However they are good looking stamps, and I will use them on my mail.


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