Illinois Statehood (U.S. 2018)

From the USPS:

llinois Statehood (Statehood series) This stamp celebrates the 200th anniversary of Illinois statehood. Known as the Prairie State, Illinois became the 21st state of the union on Dec. 3, 1818.

This stamp will be issued March 5th in Springfield, Illinois, with a first-day ceremony.

2 thoughts on “Illinois Statehood (U.S. 2018)

  1. I must admit to being disappointed in the design of this stamp. The Illinois sesquicentennial stamp, issued in 1968, was a much better issue, in my opinion.

  2. I agree, I’m not taken with the design.

    Also, and I’m “old school” about it; but I think that if an anniversary or birthday of any kind is going to be celebrated, honored, etc., then it should be DONE ON THE DATE OF THE EVENT.

    How many of you celebrate/honor/etc. your own wedding anniversary or birthday NINE MONTHS early?

    December 3rd is a Monday and not a holiday of any kind that would prevent a Release Ceremony from being held on that date in Springfield.

    I still do not understand USPS’ logic of release dates where anniversaries/birthdays are concerned.

    And think about it. By the time the ACTUAL date rolls around, this stamp WILL HAVE BEEN PULLED FROM SALE. Where’s the logic in that?

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