Have A Ball! (U.S. 2017)

From the USPS, November 22nd, 2016:

s_balls1The U. S. Postal Service celebrates our nation passion for athletics with Have a Ball! The stamps feature colorful illustrations of eight different sports balls: baseball, basketball, football, golf, kickball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Millions in the U. S. participate annually in the sports represented on the stamps. Mike Ryan designed the stamps and Greg Breeding served as the art director. Daniel Nyari created the colorful, stylized stamp art.

11 thoughts on “Have A Ball! (U.S. 2017)

    • I like this set, and Charlie Delgado, do you ever write anything positive about anything here? This set is creative and interesting and allows something to be said about many of our sport pastimes.

    • Charlie: The stamps and the designing are not coming out of our tax dollars.

      The postal service pays for designing stamps, but I would think that the cost of design would pay for itself because collectors collect the stamps and don’t use them for postage.

  1. I can see both sides to this discussion. At first glance they appear to be little more than round stickers with little artistic creativity. But as a set, they do reflect America’s fascination with sports (though there are more sports than just what these balls represent) in our current age. I’ll hold my judgement on them until I can view them in my hand. If I find them lacking in appearance they’ll serve me as postage.

  2. For me, these particular stamps are ones I want to use for postage. I like using stamps that are unusual and might make a person take a second look at them. In this case, what’s unusual is the shape. I believe this is the first time a circular stamp has been used in the US for First Class.

  3. OK, Summer. Anyone know of a Major sporting event using one of these balls during the summer? Soccer ( Football )? Golf? Baseball? Tennis? Beach Volleyball? I don’t think you’d see this at The Masters in Augusta…

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