U.S. Harry Potter Films Stamps Designs

These are only “scratch” versions, but they should give stamp collectors and fans an idea of what the 20 stamps will be. As mentioned previously, each stamp is approximately 1.56″ x 0.89″ and the entire pane of four, plus selvage is about 4 inches square.

harrysheet1harrysheet2harrysheet3harrysheet4harrysheet5And here are the postmarks: hp_dcp hp_bw

The B&W or “hand cancel” postmark is 1.733 x 1.222″. The Digital Color Postmark is 2.398″ x .986″

hp_olderharry hp_hedwig hp_dumbledore hp_youngharry hp_hermione hp_voldemort

13 thoughts on “U.S. Harry Potter Films Stamps Designs

  1. Let the slings and arrows against this issue begin. All the old fogies who want to return to the 19th and 20th Century will soundly “negativize” this issue. I, for one, look forward to using these stamps on my letters. I’ve already ordered enough to put on an upcoming society journal’s mailings.

    • Glenn,
      I’ve been collecting U.S. stamps for over 40 years, I am a third generation collector. I feel I have to answer your post to defend the old fart collectors like myself. I think what the post office is doing with stamps is great!! This Harry Potter set is, in my opinion, the future of stamp collecting. They are the stamps I love collecting! I still have an undying love for tradition, but these can’t be beat. They are the reason I love collecting!! So not “ALL” the old fogies want to return to the 19th and 20th Century. Take care and enjoy this wonderful hobby!!!

  2. The ceremony will be held at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort, 6000 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819,

  3. These will be the start of my child’s stamp collection. As she will be new to this…should I purchase the sheets with or without die casts?

  4. Here’s the address and other ordering information:

    Ordering First-Day-of-Issue Postmark of Harry Potter Forever Stamp Collection
    Customers have 90 days to obtain the first-day-of-issue postmark by mail. They may purchase the new stamps at local Post Offices, at usps.com/stamps or by calling 800-STAMP-24. They should apply the stamps to envelopes of their choice, address the envelopes to themselves or others and place them in larger envelopes addressed to:

    Harry Potter Stamp
    P.O. Box 620045
    Orlando, FL 32862-0045

    After applying the first-day-of-issue postmark, the Postal Service will return the envelopes through the mail. There is no charge for the postmark for fewer than 50 requests. All orders must be postmarked by Feb. 19, 2014.

    Ordering First-Day Covers
    The Postal Service also offers first-day covers for new stamp issues and Postal Service stationery items postmarked with the official first-day-of-issue cancellation. Each item has an individual catalog number and is offered in the quarterly USA Philatelic catalog, online at usps.com/stamps or by calling 800-782-6724. Customers may request a free catalog by calling 800-782-6724 or writing to:

    U.S. Postal Service
    Catalog Request
    PO Box 219014
    Kansas City, MO 64121-9014

    Philatelic Products for Harry Potter Forever Stamp Collection
    There are 11 philatelic products available:

    471100, Harry Potter Souvenir Booklet of 20, $9.20
    471106, Press Sheet w/die cuts, $55.20
    471108, Press Sheet w/o die cuts, $55.20
    471110, Keepsake (booklet & random Digital Color Postmark set, $10.95
    471116, First-Day Cover (set of 20), $18.00
    471121, Digital Color Postmark (set of 20), $32.20
    471124, Framed Art, $49.95
    471130, Ceremony Program (random stamp), $6.95
    471131, Stamp Deck Card, $.95
    471132, Stamp Deck Card w/Digital Color Postmark (random stamp), $1.96
    471133, Panel, $17.95

  5. I think the USPS did a good job with the Harry Potter issue.I do wonder how many will actually be used for postage,considering all those fans who bought them as souvenirs.

  6. Looking over all those posts, I see they are all from last year, and it sounds like from before the Potter stamps actually came out. I since bought the book, so I have a new question:
    This booklet, when sold, is folded over, like a real book, so is very short, but you can not actually see the stamps. If left open to the full length, it is very long, and too long for any kind of archival pages and storage book that I know of. And I can not see buying anything special just for that size, and having too many left over.
    My question then is, what is the best recommended way for safe, long term storage of this booklet?
    Thank you.

    • Are you talking about just storage, or storage and display? You could store the booklet folded, but as you said, no one can see the stamps. I don’t have an easy answer on display.

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