Guess The 2015 U.S. Subjects

Until a few years ago, we’d know by now most of the stamp subjects for the following year. Now the U.S. Postal Service holds its cards close to its vest. In fact, sometimes it seems as if the cards are inside the vest — we’re not hearing about some new issues, their designs and first day postmarks until a few days before they’re released, and sometimes not until they are released.

Still, we can guess about next year’s stamps: What subjects do you think we’ll see on U.S. stamps and postal stationery in 2015?

Remember, there shouldn’t be a rate increase, under the agreement that allowed a three-cent hike earlier this year. (The exception is an increase in shipping services, like Priority Express and Express Mail.)

Will there be another War of 1812 bicentennial stamp? There was only one battle in 1815, New Orleans, and that was actually fought after the peace treaty was signed. But the Post Office Department did issue a stamp for it in 1965.

We know there will be a Lunar New Year stamp that won’t show a ram, goat or sheep.

There will be two Civil War sesquicentennial stamps, but for which events? Is the surrender at Appomattox a lock?

Post your guesses here.

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  1. Re: Battle of New Orleans… If you reread the original press release for the War of 1812 series you will find that the USPS outlined the stamps that they will be issuing. I don’t think the Treaty of Ghent was mentioned at all. The Treaty was signed in late 1814.

    However, the Battle of New Orleans was mentioned so there probably will be a forthcoming stamp.

  2. According to the “Deep CSAC leak” earlier this year, the Civil War issues will be Appomattox and Five Forks and the War of 1812 will indeed be the Battle of New Orleans. The Lunar New Year (like the others in the current series) will have a small image of a sheep. For the rest of leaked list, see:

  3. In 1915
    -Rocky Mountain National Park founded
    -Kiwanis International founded
    -“Birth of a Nation” released
    -Construction of Lincoln Memorial began
    -Panama-Pacific International Exposition began
    -RMS Lusitania Sunk
    -People born: Alan Lomax, Muddy Waters, Orson Welles, Sargent Shriver, Frank Sinatra

  4. The 75th Birth Anniversary of John Lennon and the 10th Death Anniversary of Johnny Carson (both were announced as future stamp issues in the ‘leaked’ announcement related to the stamp selection committee earlier this year).

  5. Some that seem possible to me:
    Women’s rights leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton, born 1815
    President Warren G. Harding, born in 1865
    Eli Whitney and Robert Fulton, both born in 1765

    Less likely but they meet the criteria of moderate fame plus a round 100/150/200 years since their birth:
    War: Civil War general George Meade, Union victor at Gettysburg, born 1815; English war hero Edith Cavell, born 1865, died 1915
    Politics: Coolidge’s vice president Charles G. Dawes, born in 1865
    Supreme Court justices David Davis, born 1815; and Edward Terry Sanford, born 1865; Thomas Todd, born 1765
    Sports: Golfer Allan Robertson, born 1815; Patsy Donovan of the Boston Red Sox, born 1865
    Actors: Anthony Quinn, Orson Welles, Alice Faye, Norman Wisdom, Barbara Billingsley, Ingrid Bergman, Harry Morgan, Zero Mostel, Arthur Miller, Eli Wallach, Garry Moore, Eddie Bracken, Ann Sheridan, Fernando Lamas, Lorne Green, all born in 1915; Fay Templeton, born 1865
    Music: Frank Sinatra, Billie Holliday, Les Paul, Muddy Waters, Edith Piaf, Billy Strayhorn, all born in 1915; Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and French composer Paul Dukas, both born in 1865
    Authors: Kipling, Yeats, and American science fiction writer Robert W. Chambers were all born in 1865; Herman Wouk, Saul Bellow, Ross Macdonald, born in 1915
    German chancellor Otto von Bismarck was born in 1815. The U.S. connection is that the North Dakota state capital and a popular pastry are named after him. To this day, the second most widely spoken language in North Dakota is German.

  6. The 50th anniversary of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. A major renovation of the Arch grounds, museum and entry will be completed in 2016 but the celebration of the construction completion (raising of the last stainless steel section) occurred in 1965.

  7. Marvin Gaye is well over due. They say he is being considered but I do not see his name on the list among James Brown or Michael Jackson… He is deserving of a stamp to.

  8. Next year Johnny Carson, Elvis Presley & Steve Jobs of Microsoft will all be on stamps. Ingrid Bergman will be the Legends of Hollywood stamp & 2016 Legend of Hollywood I heard will be Liz Taylor

  9. On Halloween – USPS adds a ‘grab bag’ of forever stamps. USPS Item 490198 $9.80 (Probably only via USPS.COM and (800)STAMPS24) you get (maybe) one each of a variety of FOREVER stamps, for a ‘bag’ of 20.
    See USPS.COM for more info.

  10. The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee should let folks know if and when
    there is going to be a USPO Stamp in honor of Van Johnson, the great
    MGM Star whose 100th Birthday will be celebrated on August 25, 2016.
    According to reports announced recently, Van Johnson is “under
    consideration” for a stamp.
    Many of us in the Stamp World feel there should be more transparency from
    the CSAC. Van Johnson is one of Hollywood’s greats, and his millions of
    fans deserve to be acknowledged, as well.

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