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AOL Tips

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AOL Tips:
Here's a tip for all America Online subscribers using Windows when surfing the World Wide Web anywhere:

Don't use AOL's built-in browser. It's a cut-down version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (which is strange when you consider that AOL owns Netscape!)...but it doesn't have all the functionality of the full Internet Explorer ("MSIE").

If you are using Windows, you already have MSIE installed on your computer. That's why some states are suing Microsoft for antitrust (monopoly) violations!

Once you've logged on to AOL, no matter where you are on AOL, you are also on the Internet. Click on your START button, and under Programs, choose "Internet Explorer." Use MSIE to navigate the World Wide Web, ignoring AOL.

I have done this a number of times when at stamp shows where my other Internet Service Provider didn't have a local number or when I forgot to look up the local number before leaving home. AOL is a good ISP.

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How To Post A Message:
From www.virtualstampclub.com, click on "Message Board" under the graphic header that says "Virtual Stamp Club" (with the collage of stamps). If you have already registered for DelphiForums, you should be prompted to log in; if not, click on "already a member" and log in.

If you haven't registered for DelphiForums, you can't post messages at all. Registration is free, and DelphiForums doesn't give out the information to anyone else.

You have to allow Delphi to put cookies on your computer, or the system doesn't work. (Delphi won't remember who you are or what messages you've read). If you do not have cookies enabled on your browser (and Internet Explorer, Netscape and possibly Opera all come configured differently, depending on where you obtained your copy), you may get an error message from the browser that asks if you want to allow the Delphi cookies. (You can enable cookies in IE by going to Tools --> Internet Options and either in the Security tab choosing "Medium.")

After you've registered or logged in....

You should be in the message board. There's a list of messages and folders in the left column, and one of the messages is displayed in the wider, right-hand column. You can read the messages by clicking on their titles in the left column.

To create a new message, there's a "Start New Discussion" prompt at the very top of the left column, with an icon that looks like a piece of paper and a pencil. Click on that. First you select a folder ("Stamp & Cover Exchange"), then you give the discussion a title (just click in the box and type a title, but not too long), and then enter the text of the message in the big area. I recommend pre-writing messages in another program, and don't use fancy formatting or characters, because they may not be recognized by the HTML programming.

When you're done, you can click on "preview" to see what the message will look like, or "post" to send it to the message board.

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