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The Virtual Stamp Club was founded in December 1996, and between our Message Board and extensive website we have more readers per month than any English-language philatelic publication. Our website averages 42,000 to 52,000 hits a day, 40-50,000 unique visitors a month. The message board gets about 450 unique visitors a day, and the numbers keep growing. If you place your ad at the Virtual Stamp Club, it will be seen by the audience that you want - avid stamp collectors who buy philatelic products over the Web!

Banner Ad at Top of Most Pages:
Your 468x60 Pixels Banner in a Rotating Display above the VSC title banner. Banners will rotate on page changes and page refreshes (click Refresh to change the banner below).

Left Side Column Button on Specific Page
(Buttons run near the top of the left-hand column, 100 x 40 pixels)

Button in Text Area on Specific Page
(230 x 80 pixels in or near the appropriate category)

All banners include clickable links to your website, and you can either host your banner art at VSC or at your own site so you can easily update the copy and art by uploading a new banner with the same filename. Impression and click-through statistics can be provided if requested. And if you don't have a banner, we will work with your ideas to produce one for a small added fee.

Occasional messages in the Buy/Sell/Trade folder: free
(These ads can include graphics, hosted on your own web site)

Email Lloyd de Vries at for Rates and Further Information.

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