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For broadcast on CBS Radio Network stations June 10-11, 2006:

What a show!

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries. 

I'm just back from Washington Two Thousand Six, the international stamp show that ran eight days, 
starting on the Memorial Day Weekend. Wow.

About thirty thousand people attended each day. There were hundreds of dealers from more than a 
dozen countries....some two hundred million dollars worth of exhibits....and all sorts of meetings 
and seminars. The U-S alone issued four sets of stamps at the show. The convention center hall was 
about seven square blocks.

But for me, the best part was seeing people I know and collectors I've only talked to on the 
Internet, and meeting new people. 

Sure, there were some glitches. There are problems with ANY stamp show, and this one was the 
biggest ever held in the United States.

But at a time when some countries are discontinuing these "Internationals," and following a less-than-successful show in San Francisco nine years ago, the organizers of THIS one have every 
right to be proud: They pulled it off -- admirably.

And that's Stamp Collecting this week. 

I'm Lloyd de Vries, CBS News. 

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