World War I: Turning the Tide (U.S. 2018)

World War I: Turning the TideWith this stamp, the Postal Service pays tribute to the sacrifice of American soldiers and millions of supporters on the home front who experienced World War I. Entering World War I (1914–1918) in its later stages, the United States helped turn the tide of war in favor of the Allies.

One thought on “World War I: Turning the Tide (U.S. 2018)

  1. Pathetic – one measly stamp for World War I, one year late (the US entered the war in 1917). We get 8 stamps for popsicles but one stamp for WWI. I guess we should be greatful that it got a stamp at all, unlike the 250th anniversary of the French & Indian War.

    This is why I rarely collect modern US stamps.

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