Topical Tidbits Tops 300 Pages

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Topical Tidbits Tops 300 Pages

The latest issue of the American Topical Association’s website feature, Topical Tidbits, brings its total pages to more than 300—all available free online. The colorful pages of the new issue of Topical Tidbits take philatelists of all ages south of the border to Mexico, with facts, games, puzzles and lots of stamp images about our southern neighbor.

Aimée Devine, assistant coordinator of ATA youth services, has been creating the features since 2012 through her Perforated Press design service. Each issue includes a downloadable album page for the topic. Past topics, which are all still available on the ATA website at, include: Canada, Magic of Disney, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Gingerbread, The Statue of Liberty, and many more.

Topical Tidbits are designed as an adjunct to the “Stamps Teach” program developed by APS. The pages are used extensively as teaching modules in classrooms, for stamp club activities, and as at-home fun for all ages. They have helped get young people interesting in topical collecting.

The Mexico issue includes a map of Mexican states, with stamps for each. There are sections on Day of the Dead and papel picado (pierced paper), which were shown on the 2016 Colorful Celebrations U.S. issue. Readers can try their hand at designing a traditional Mexican dress, and match the Mexican products stamps series to their description in Spanish.

All issues of Topical Tidbits can be viewed and printed at For more information, contact ATA at PO Box 8, Carterville, IL 62918-0008,

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