U.S. Scott Catalogue Number Update (December 2017)

5251 (49¢) National Museum of African American History and Culture

5252 (49¢) History of Ice Hockey – Player Wearing Helmet and Protective Gear
a. As No. 5252, matte-finish paper
5253 (49¢) History of Ice Hockey – Player Wearing Hat and Scarf
a. As No. 5253, matte-finish paper
b. Vert. pair, #5252-5253
c. Souvenir sheet of 2, #5252a-5253a

CVP101 Computer-vended stamps with Christmas Cookies

2 thoughts on “U.S. Scott Catalogue Number Update (December 2017)

  1. According to Linn’s, the CVP101 stamp with Christmas Cookies was “released” back in October with a known first-sale-date of October 17.
    As such, I’m curious as to why CVP101 is listed here as a December release.

    • The Scott editors (who work separately from Linn’s staff) won’t assign a catalogue number to an issue until they have it in hand, which may be well after the official date of issue. Also, none of the issues in any of the Scott catalogue updates are issued in the same month as the updates, which are generally released on the first Monday of the month. So the issues listed above are not “December releases.”

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