Jack O’Lanterns First Day Ceremony

Held at Anoka, Minnesota, “The Halloween Capital of the World,” because (according to Wikipedia) it hosted one of the first Halloween parades in 1920. Dignitaries at the ceremony included postal officials, local officials, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and the photographer for the stamp designs, Sally Andersen-Bruce.  todd_jacko04This was not one of the dignitaries! Photo courtesy Todd Ronnei.todd_jacko07All is in readiness for the ceremony. Photo courtesy Todd Ronnei. usps_jacko01Photo courtesy USPS (video still). todd_jacko06What’s a first-day ceremony without Chris Lazaroff (center)? The man in the hat is Pete McClure. Photo courtesy Todd Ronnei. usps_jacko08aAnother frequent ceremony-goer, American Philatelist editor Jay Bigalke, was caught on USPS video. usps_jacko10As Pete commented, if you want to get people to show up for a first day ceremony, hold a kids event, like a Halloween parade. FDC collectors say there were thousands at this ceremony.todd_jacko03 Photo courtesy Todd Ronnei. usps_jacko09Photo courtesy USPS (video still).todd_jacko05Look what was across the square! Photo courtesy Todd Ronnei. todd_jacko01The payoff for collectors. Photo courtesy Todd Ronnei. usps_jacko03Photo courtesy USPS (video still). usps_jacko04Photo courtesy USPS (video still). usps_jacko05Photo courtesy USPS (video still). usps_jacko06Samantha Jenson, a student of St. Stephen’s Catholic School, who read a poem she wrote, and stamp photographer Sally Andersen-Bruce signing autographs. Photo courtesy USPS (video still). usps_jacko07Andersen-Bruce having some fun with one of the faux bugs on the autograph table. Photo courtesy USPS (video still).

One thought on “Jack O’Lanterns First Day Ceremony

  1. Some of those small plastic spiders that were on the autograph table came home with me. Several “stuck” to some of my covers as I applied stamps at that same table before the ceremony. And … I found one 2 days later in the pocket of the hoodie that I wore at the ceremony.

    I think I gonna glue them to the covers I made at the event just for fun.

    Pete McClure

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