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Great Britian

2008 Great Britain Stamp Schedule
The Virtual Stamp Club
As of 25 July 200

This schedule represents the latest information from Royal Mail supplemented by information from other sources. The information is subject to change, and no responsibility is taken for errors, omissions or changes. However, if you do notice any wrong links or errors, please email Ian Billings.

*Cancellation images: for all new stamp issues Royal Mail produces two First Day of Issue postmarks, the alternative to the Philatelic Bureau cancellation being shown here. In addition there are usually many sponsored postmarks for new issues, often of a pictorial nature reflecting the stamp designs. For each issue these can be seen by clicking on the Issue Title in column 2. The individual pages linked here will always be updated before this index page, so click on the title for the latest information.

All images are Copyright Royal Mail Group plc. Reproduced by kind permission of Royal Mail Group plc, all rights reserved.

Stamp images are normally released about 20 weeks before the issue.

1998 Schedule :: 2005 Schedule :: 2006 Schedule :: 2007 Schedule

Postage rates change on 1 April in the traditional annual increase.
Approved 2008 rates are shown below with increases in brackets:

  • domestic standard letter 1st (100g): 36p (+2p)
  • domestic standard letter 2nd (100g): 27p (+2p)
  • domestic large letter 1st (100g): 52p (+4p)
  • domestic large letter 2nd (100g): 42p (+2p)
  • International (Air-Europe 20g): 50p (+2p)
  • International (Rest of World, 20g air): 81p (+3p)
  • International (Rest of World, 60g surface): 82p (+4p)

FORMAT FOR THE LISTING IS AS FOLLOWS: Click any stamp images to see a larger picture of the stamps.

Issue Date & Picture
All stamps have nationwide release.

Issue title & description

Cancellation image
(See note above*)

Scott Catalog Number(s)
SG Catalogue Number(s)

Tuesday 8 January

Ian Fleming's James Bond
1st class, 54p & 72p stamps, 2 of each value.
Miniature sheet containing all 6 stamps, and Prestige Stamp Booklet.

Official London SE1 postmark for James Bond stamps.

All in sheets of 24/48 stamps of each value. Sheets and miniature sheet all with water-activated gum.
1st class initial selling price 34*p.
Uncut Press Sheet of 12 MS also issued.

Tuesday 15 January

Retail booklet: Love stamp
Retail booklet containing 6 x 1st class stamps, two of which will be the Love Greetings stamp, with Smilers(TM) label attached.


No First Day Postmark
as these designs
have been issued before.

Booklet of 6 x 1st class stamps, initial selling price 2.04*

Tuesday 15 January
Smilers sheet with round labels.

Generic Smilers Sheet
Utilising three of the most popular stamps used for personalisation with new circular labels; self-adhesive

No First Day Postmark
as these designs
have been issued before.

Sheet of 20 x 1st class stamps, initial selling price 7.35; face value 6.80

Tuesday 5 February
set of 6 Working dogs stamps.

Working Dogs
Set of 6 stamps: 1st class - Assistance Dog; 46p - Mountain Rescue dog; 48p - Police Dog; 54p - Customs (sniffer) dog; 69p - Sheepdog; 78p Guide Dog.


official Hound Green postmark showing a dog bone.

In sheets of 25/50.

Thursday, 28 February set of 6 Kings of Lancaster & 
			York stamps.

Kings & Queens I
Houses of Lancaster & York

Set of 6 stamps: 1st class Henry IV, Henry V; 54p Henry VI, Edward IV; 69p Edward V, Richard III NOT se-tenant
Issue coincides with Spring Stampex

official Tewkesbury postmark showing a Royal Standard (flag).

In sheets of 25/50

Thursday, 28 February Timeline stamp miniature sheet 
			for Houses of Lancaster & York.

Kings & Queens I
Houses of Lancaster & York: Timeline

Miniature Sheet
Issue coincides with Spring Stampex

official Tewkesbury postmark showing a Royal Standard (flag).

Initial selling price 2.24
Uncut Press Sheet of 21 MS also issued.

Thursday 28 February
2008 Greetings retail book of stamps.

Greetings Retail Booklet
Book of 6 self-adhesive stamps, now with elliptical perfs

Issue coincides with Spring Stampex

No First Day Postmark
as these designs
have been issued before.

Initial selling price 2.04*

Thursday, 11 March

Celebrating Northern Ireland
Miniature sheet of 4
1st class Carrickfergus Castle, 1st class Giant's Causeway, 78p St Patrick, 78p Queen's Bridge and Friendship Beacon.

official Downpatrick postmark.

In sheets of 30 self-adhesive in se-tenant pairs; miniature sheet conventionally gummed..

Thursday, 11 March
Glorious Northern Ireland Smilers Sheet

Glorious Northern Ireland Smilers Sheet
The Northern Ireland 1st class is the final self-adhesive Country stamp, here in a sheet of 20 with 10 views of the province on attached labels.

official Downpatrick postmark.

Sheet 20 x 1st, face value 6.80* sold for 7.35*

Thursday, 13 March
Rescue at Sea set of 6 stamps.

Mayday - Rescue at Sea
Set of 6 showing views of lifebats and helicopters. 1st class, 46p 48p 54p, 69p & 78p.

official Poole postmark

In sheets of 25/50.

Tuesday 1 April</b
9p, 15p, 56p & 81p Machin definitives, 
			and 50p & 81p stamps for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England

Machin and Country definitives
15p shocking pink Machin (1st class make-up stamp); 56p sage green Machin (10gr Europe & postcard rate); 50p grey Machin (colour change only); 54p rust Machin (10gr & postcard worldwide air rate); 81p emerald (Worldwide 20gr letter rate)
50p (Oak tree) & 81p (rose) England
50p (Thistle) & 81p (Tartan) Scotland
50p (Daffodil) & 81p (Prince of Wales feathers) Wales
50p (lace) & 81p (Beleek porcelain) Northern Ireland


5 official postmarks for
Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff,
London and Windsor

All values in sheets of 200

The 9p orange is to be reissued; it will be from a new printing but is not regarded by Royal Mail as a new issue.

Tuesday 15 April
Block of 10 stamps showing endangered

Endangered Species - Insects
1. Adonis Blue Butterfly; 2. Southern Damselfly; 3. Red Barbed Ant; 4. Barberry Carpet Moth; 5. Stag Beetle; 6. Hazel Pot Beetle; 7. Field Cricket; 8. Silver-spotted Skipper; 9. Purbeck Mason Wasp; 10. Noble Chafer Beetle


Crawley postmark.

Initial selling price 36p* each.

Tuesday 13th May
Cathedrals set of 6 stamps

Set of 6 impressively detailed stamps. 1st class (Lichfield), 48p (Belfast), 50p (Gloucester), 56p (St David's), 72p (Westminster), 81p (St Magnus, Kirkwall)

London EC4 first day postmark.

Sheets of 25/50;
1st class initial selling price 36p*.

Tuesday 13th May
St Paul's Cathedral Miniature Sheet

Cathedrals MS
Miniature sheet of 4 colourful stamps. 2 x 1st class, 2 x 81p showing the interior of St Paul's Cathedral.

London EC4 first day postmark.

Initial selling price 2.34*

Tuesday 20th May
Retail booklet including ice cream

'Beside the Seaside' self-adhesive retail booklet
Booklet of 6 x 1st class stamps, 4 x gold Machin and 2 x Ice Cream

No First Day Postmark
as this design
has been issued before.

Retail booklet:
original face value 2.16*

Tuesday 10 June
Set of 6 classic films stamps.

Classic Films - Carry On and Hammer
Set of 6 stamps: 1st class - Carry On Sergeant; 48p - Dracula; 50p - Carry On Cleo; 56p - The Curse of Frankenstein; 72p - Carry on Screaming; 81p - The Mummy
On the same day a retail book of 6 x 1st class gold Machin definitives advertising this stamp issue.


Bray, Maidenhead FDI 

Sheets of 25/50
initial face value 3.43*

Tuesday 17 July
Set of 6 Air Displays Stamps.

Air Displays
Set of 6 stamps 1st class, 48p, 50p, 56p, 72p, 81p

Farnborough FDI 

Sheets of 25/50
initial face value 3.43*

Tuesday 17 July
Portion of Air Displays Smilers Sheet.

Air Displays Smilers Sheet
Smilers sheet of 20 stamps & labels.

Farnborough FDI 

Initial selling price 7.75*, face value 7.20*

5 August
Beijing 2008 Smilers Sheet.

Beijing 2008 International Olympic Stamp Exhibition
Generic Smilers Sheet with 20 labels in 2 sets depicting 10 Chinese lanterns

No First Day Postmark expected
as the stamp design
has been issued before.

Initial selling price 7.75*, face value 7.20*

22 August
Olympics Handover MS.

Olympics Handover
- Joint Issue with China

Miniature sheet of 4 x 1st class stamps
Beijing Olympic Stadium, The London Eye, The Tower of London, Corner Tower Forbidden City, Beijing


Postmark showing national flags of China and the UK.

Initial selling price 1.44*

Thursday 18 September
GB Royal Air Force Uniforms 1st class stamps; 81p stamps not shown.

British Military Uniforms II
Royal Air Force

3 x 1st class stamps, se-tenant;
3 x 81p stamps, se-tenant.
A Prestige Stamp Book accompanies this issue.
Issue coincides with Autumn Stampex


Official FDI postmark.

Initial selling price 3.51*

Tuesday 29 September
50th anniv regional stamps MS.

50th Anniversary of Regional stamps
Miniature sheet of 9 x 1st class stamps

Postmark showing multiple St Edwards crown watermark.

Initial selling price 3.24*

Tuesday 29 September

Glorious United Kingdom Smilers Sheet
Sheet of 20 self-adhesive Country 1st class Stamps, 5 each from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with illustrated labels attached.

Initial selling price 7.75, face value 7.20*

Tuesday 14 October
GB Women of Distinction stamps.

Women of Distinction
Set of 6 stamps: 1st class Millicent Garrett Fawcett,
48p Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
50p Marie Stopes
56p Eleanor Rathbone
72p Claudia Jones
81p Barbara Castle

Aldeburgh postmark 
			for Women of Distinction stamps.

Sheets of 25/50
Initial selling price 3.43*

Tuesday 4 November

Christmas - Pantomime
2008 Christmas stamps, miniature sheet and Smilers sheet.
2nd class, 1st class, 2nd class Large Letter, 1st class Large Letter, & two others, plus a miniature sheet containing all values.
The 2007 Madonna stamps (2nd class & 1st class) will be reissued.


Thursday 6 November
GB 'Lest We Forget' 
			remembrance miniature sheet stamps 2008.

"Lest We Forget" 2008
Miniature sheet with a new 1st class Poppy stamp and 4 x 81p country stamps.
Also: - a 'Smilers'-type remembrance sheet of 20 Poppy stamps with attached labels.
- The 2006/07/08 Poppy stamps set-tenant in ordinary sheets (of 30?)

Initial selling prices
MS - 3.58*;
'Smilers'-style sheet 7.75 (face value 7.20*)
Se-tenant strip - 1.08*

Compiled by John Cropper
data verification and support provided by Norvic Philatelics
2008 deVries Philatelic Media

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