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State Magazine Features Stamp Collecting

The July edition of New Hampshire Magazine, an upscale lifestyle magazine, includes a portion of a larger article by John Dunn of Stamp News Publishing. The article, “Collect Locally — NH Stamps Provide a Glimpse into Our Past," introduces the concept of collecting by topic, in this case stamps and covers on the Granite state, and presents in full color a few examples of relevant pieces.

The article is pictured here.

Dunn explains, "the article started as a much larger piece intended for our website, which I titled 'Don't Like Taxes? Then You're a Philatelist,' and played on the definition of philately, loosely, as 'love of tax exemption,' a theme that is particularly relevant to the Tea Party, which is relatively strong in New Hampshire. The article then went on to provide information on the hobby, forms of collecting, and how collecting one's home town or state can be used."

Dunn's StampNewsNow site then posted separate "Tea Party"  and "Collect New Hampshire" articles in the Article Archives section, and "had a surprising number of hits in just the first few days following publication of the New Hampshire Magazine article."

One aspect unique to New Hampshire philately revolves around the Old Man of the Mountain, a prominent landmark and tourist attraction that appeared on more than one stamp, but which was the victim of erosion and lack of maintenance, and ultimately collapsed, disappearing from the New Hampshire landscape as well as from more recent New Hampshire themed stamps.

In addition to the StampNewsNow site, Stamp News Publishing also produces Mekeel's & Stamps Magazine and U.S. Stamp News Magazine.

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