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For broadcast on CBS Radio Network stations
August 15-16, 1998:

Disney on a U-S stamp.

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries

When the Celebrate the Century stamps for the 1930s come
out next month, one of the fifteen subjects will be
"Snow White," Walt Disney's Oscar-winning animated
feature.  The 1939 New York World's Fair had been
planned; it's out.

When the Postal Service first announced its deal with
Warner Bros. for its Looney Tunes characters, many people
wondered why Disney had been overlooked. The story is that
the Postal Service approached Disney, but never got a
reply.  Disney claims it did answer.

But now, here's a stamp for Disney's Snow White.

Does this mean we'll be seeing more Disney characters
on American stamps? Maybe, maybe not, but I do know
that we won't be seeing any Disney stamp "mouse" pads
in U-S post offices.

In fact, soon we won't be seeing any more Looney Tunes
hirts, earrings and mugs in post offices, either.
Bowing to pressure from Congress and from retailers,
the postal agency will instead offer the merchandise
by mail.

And that's Stamp Collecting this week.

I'm Lloyd de Vries, CBS News.

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