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For broadcast on CBS Radio Network stations February 22-23, 2003:

Lights! Camera! Stamps!

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries.

The American Film-Making: Behind-The Scenes stamps coming out this Tuesday
may be the blockbusters of the year. Chief U-S stamp designer Terry
McCaffrey says they feature 10 movie crafts.

"You have directors, costume people such as Edith Head, you have editors,
sound people, music people, make-up."
RUNS :07

The other subjects are art direction, cinematography, special effects and
direction. The latter features director John Cassavetes. 

McCaffrey says the Postal Service is hoping for a big media hit by issuing
the stamps as the Academy Awards ballots are being mailed.

"The stamps will be affixed to the envelopes, to all 4500 Academy members
for their ballots, and then they'll be canceled 'first day of issue,' so the
envelopes will become collectors' items."
RUNS :10

-- and a real challenge for STAMP collectors to try to obtain not just ONE
of these ballot envelopes, but all 10 different stamps on them.

And that's stamp collecting this week. 

I'm Lloyd de Vries, CBS News. 

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