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The NEW Quarters

The first of the new statehood quarters are well on their way: Delaware has a design; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Georgia have narrowed their decisions to three or four designs. And the U.S. Mint has a modified obverse (front) design for these quarters.

New legislation allows the U.S. Mint to move the inscription "United States of America" and the designation of value "quarter dollar" from the reverse to the obverse side of the quarter, and the year of minting or issuance from the obverse to the reverse side.

(Click all images for a larger, detailed view)
This is the Mint's planned
new design for the front.
Delaware's new design
has been chosen.
These are the three final designs for the New Jersey quarters:
Washington directing his armies over an outline of the state, with Barnegat lighthouse in the background.
A depiction of Barnegat lighthouse and inlet, with the slogan "Liberty and Prosperity."

The famous Emmanuel Leutze painting
"Washington Crossing the Delaware" is the foundation
for this coin design. "Crossroads of the Revolution"
appears at its base.
These are the four final designs for the Georgia quarters:
A state outline enclosing the state motto "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation," with a peach and Cherokee rose border.
A state outline enclosing a peach, with a banner of the state motto "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation," and a border of live oak sprigs.
A state map, with Atlanta located by a star. Features the state bird, the brown thrasher, and the state flower, the Cherokee rose.
The state silhouette with the slogan "Hope" and symbols for education and recreation.
Connecticut's three final designs all feature the "Charter Oak" in Hartford:
The famous Charter Oak with the title "THE CHARTER OAK" supporting the design.
The Charter Oak framed by the words "THE CHARTER OAK" and a stone wall.
The third features a stylized Charter Oak with the 1662 Charter.
These are the four final designs for the Pennsylvania quarters:
The state bird (a ruffled grouse) and the state flower (the mountain laurel) frame the famous Pennsylvania keystone.
The state bird, a ruffled grouse, the state flower, the mountain laurel, and the state tree, the hemlock, make up this design. The state motto "LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, VIRTUE" is also included.
An allegorical female figure represents the commonwealth, with the state motto "LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, VIRTUE." A state outline and keystone complete the design.
A Lenape Chieftain and William Penn shake hands over a treaty and a pipe of peace. An outline of the event surrounds the event, and a keystone is central to the design. The inscription "Penn's Woods" supports the concept.

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