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New Stamps of July 1997

(Follow the Links to view Hi-res images of Selected Stamps)

Bogart The United States issues 65 different stamps and postal cards this month: 20 Classic American Aircraft stamps, 20 picture postcards with the same designs on the front but 20 indicias on the back; 20 Classic American Dolls; four football coaches; and one Legend of Hollywood, Humphrey Bogart.

And all of those U.S. emissions - face value $18.40 - come in the last two weeks of the month. Also, all five first day ceremonies will be held in two states, Ohio and California. Here's the schedule:

Jul 19
Jul 19
Jul 25
Jul 29
Jul 31
4 designs/sheet
Dayton, OH
Dayton, OH
Canton, OH
Anaheim, CA
Los Angeles, CA

"Classic/20" is a "Classic Collection" pane of 20 stamps with a border.

The Aircraft issue actually represents 22 types of airplanes, because two additional models are featured in the border. The stamps will be issued at the United States Air and Trade Show at the Dayton, Ohio, International Airport on the 19th.

Yellow Rose
Keep in mind that the day after the month ends, August 1, the U.S. issues a coil version of its self-adhesive 32c Yellow Rose coil, and also in August issues single-design versions of the Coaches stamps. Fifteen-yard penalty for piling on!

Hong Kong-China
Hong Kong, China and the Marshall Islands all celebrated the return of Hong Kong to China on the 1st. The Hong Kong and China stamps are among the hottest on the market today.

Britain's Royal Mail is issuing a set it calls "All the Queen's Horses:" four stamps showing Queen Elizabeth's ceremonial horses (9th): two carriage horses from the Royal Mews and two mounts from the Household Cavalry. It's part of a theme of royal issues this year, including Henry VIII and His Wives and the Queen's Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Britain also has a new set of definitives specifically for Wales, but with a twist: No "p" for pence after the price, and they include the national symbol of Wales with the Queen's head profile (1st).

Britain has been producing definitives for Wales since 1958, but these are the first without the "p."

Germany may win my personal award for best design of the month: Its "For Us Children" stamp is a hot air balloon with a gondola full of children.

Says the press release, "In our dreams, we love sending sky-blue airmail letters on a journey to faraway destinations by means of a large hot-air balloon. Sometimes we see such large balloons and would like to travel on them." The stamp was designed by Lilo Fromm of France, and theme is children writing letters to addressees all over the world.


Germany also issues a stamp to commemorate the Berus monument, a symbol of Franco-German friendship and European understanding. Both "For Us Children" and "Berus" are being issued on the 17th.

EmergencyEmergency Australia remembers its Emergency Service workers on July 10: Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, relief and aid workers, and ambulance attendants. A week later, a set of three stamps features Christmas Island Marine Life, colorful fish. It's the third set of stamps on this subject.


Sweden featured the Lesser Panda on a stamp on the First intended for use by societies, much like the USA's non-denominated non-profit organization stamps. It's part of the series "Animals at the Nordic Ark," featuring endangered species that have found a haven in Sweden.

"The lesser panda is also called the red panda (Ailurus fulgens)," Sweden Post says, "and lives in the bamboo forests on the slopes of the Himalayas. It is about 50 cm (20 inches) tall and just weighs 4 to 5 kilograms (9 to 11 pounds)."

France has five new stamps this month: One marking the 1600th anniversary of the death of St. Martin (7th), three new Marianne stamps the day after Bastille Day (15th), and a fifth for the tourist site of Guimiliau.

The Netherlands issued two stamps on the 1st of the month promoting tourism in general and watersports and recreation in particular: Sailing, boating and swimming.

Singapore issues 4 stamps for the upgrading of its public housing bureau (16th).

On the 23rd, Canada Post marks Great Canadian Achievements in Industrial Design.

Italy adds two more stamps in its Artistic and Cultural Heritage series, one marking the 16th Century artist Nicolo Cerignani, the other the 600th anniversary of the birth of Paolo di Dono (19th).

As always, we'll learn of new issues as the month progresses, and you'll find news of them, and details of these issues, in the Stamps, Coins & Postal Forum.

Lloyd A. de Vries, Forum Manager

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