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New Stamps for August 1997

(Follow the Links to view Hi-res Images of Selected Stamps)

The United States issues six stamps this month, but five of them are not really new.

4 Coaches Each of the four football coaches honored last month in a block of four designs is getting his own stamp this month, issued in sheets with a single design. However, these versions will be available at post offices only in the states most associated with the men: Wisconsin for Vince Lombardi (August 5), Alabama for Bear Bryant (August 7), Pennsylvania for Pop Warner (August 8) and Illinois for George Halas (August 16). Anyone else who wants these stamps will have to call the Postal Service sales number, 1-800-STAMP-24.

On the first day of the month, the US issued a coil version of its Yellow Rose self-adhesive, which came out in booklet format late last year. There was no USPS Headquarters-sponsored ceremony for the stamp, released at AMERICOVER '97, the American First Day Cover Society's convention and show in Falls Church, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from USPS Headquarters. (Here's one of several unofficial first day ceremony programs for the stamp, this one from AMERICOVER '97 itself.)

Stars & Stripes The one completely-new US stamp this month celebrates the centennial of what many consider the greatest American march of all times, John Philip Sousa's "Stars & Stripes Forever." Although the piece debuted May 15, 1897, in Philadelphia, the stamp is being issued August 21 in Milwaukee, at the American Philatelic Society's STAMPSHOW 97.

Highlands Canada is marking the 50th anniversary of the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario (August 1). The games shown on the single stamp are a traditional celebration of Highland culture, which has followed Scottish settlers throughout the world.

This month also is the 100th anniversary of the Knights of Columbus in Quebec. The actual anniversary is in November; the stamp was issued on the 5th.

Later in the month, Canada celebrates the World Postal Telephone & Telegraph Congress (18th) and the Year of Asian-Pacific Conferences (25th). Singapore and Indonesia both mark ASEAN's 30th anniversary on the 8th.

Germany has a full slate in August, on two issue dates. On the 8th, it's three historic sites, in Berlin, Dresden and Bremen, and entertainer Marlene Dietrich. At the end of the month (28th), it's the 100th anniversary of the Diesel Engine, Marie-Elisabeth Luders, and four tourist sites, including the Bavarian Forest.

Greenland notes art by Gitz Johansen, the town of Nanortalik's bicentennial, and reissues its Butterflies stamps in a souvenir folder.


New Zealand issues another version of its popular $1 Round Kiwi stamp, this time in purple, and a set of Scenic Trains stamps.

Trains are also waiting in the station for the United Nations, along with other forms of land, sea and air transportation (29th). The stamps comes in three sets of five -- New York, Geneva and Vienna denominations.

UN Land

Four new stamps from Britain show some of the most beautiful and unique post offices in that country. It's a salute to local postmasters (Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland).

From Italy come stamps for the Varia Fair of Palmi (2nd), World University Games (19th), Antonio Rosmini (26th) and Cinema (27th).

Finland commemorates its cranes on the 19th. Of course, we'll learn about more new issues and more details about these issues as the month goes on. Check into our Forum -- now with FREE access -- to find out more and tell us what YOU think about these stamps!

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