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Then and Now

Want to get an idea of the progress on the American Philatelic Society? Pictures tells a thousand words. We took some new ones October 20, 2007.

Here's the cinder block warehouse in 2001 before the project began:

and October 20, 2007:

The complex is more or less a U shape now; the original factory was an L, and the warehouse has been joined to it. Here's a view of that center area then:

and now:


In the second 2007 picture, the weed-covered depression, front left, is a small creek or stream that comes out of a culvert. The area will eventually be landscaped; at one point, I think a small footbridge was planned. There's a tent over the St. Louis Patio, back right. The executive director's office is back left (to the left of the patio and the Gordon and Mary Morison Pavilion). I'm not sure of the current plans for the buildings on the right.

The building on the right will become a rental. The building on the left seems ready for its next tenants.

For the photo essay from which these earlier photos were drawn, visit this 2001 article. What's indicated as the future main entrance didn't become the main entrance, by the way.

Here are two earlier photo essays:

2000: http://www.virtualstampclub.com/match1.html
June 2004: http://forums.delphiforums.com/stamps/messages?msg=16659.1

The decision to purchase the property was reported here.

Photos 2007 de Vries Philatelic Media. All rights reserved.

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