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USPS Re-Cycles
Lance Armstrong

This one delivers trophies, not letters.

You probably already know that Lance Armstrong is the captain of the U.S. Postal Service Cycling Team.

What you probably didn't know is that Lance Armstrong delivers mail in California!

Same name, same employer, both competitive cyclists, both have had cancer scares....but different guys, reports the Associated Press.

The 27-year-old letter carrier says he doesn't mind being mistaken for the more famous Lance Armstrong. Both are both trim and lanky with short fair hair.

When Lance C. Armstrong - that's the letter carrier - competed recently in a race in Holland, well-wishers assumed he was the Tour de France champion.

"These guys kept coming up and saying, 'Great race.' It's tempting just to say, 'Gee, thanks,'" said the postal worker. He was in Austin, Texas - the champion's home town - Saturday for Austin's Ride for the Roses, which raises money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which supports cancer survivors and research.

The two met, finally, Saturday.

It was a chance for the two Lance Armstrongs to meet.

"This is like a dream come true," said the letter-carrier, who raised $5,000 for the foundation after his own health scare last year.

A doctor removed six suspicious growths from his thigh before confirming they weren't cancerous. But for the newly married cyclist, that month of uncertainty was almost unbearable.

The professional cyclist is in the middle of training for the Tour de France, and will ride about 50 of the Ride for the Roses' 100 miles. The letter carrier will ride all of it.

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