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November Board Business

In my September column I wrote about the duties of each position of the APS Board. Normally the Board meets twice a year to conduct its business. These meetings take place in conjunction with our winter and summer shows, but on November 11 the Board will convene for an extra meeting the day before the Grand Opening of the new education and exhibition wing of the American Philatelic Center. You are invited to attend, and I hope you will!

There are several good reasons for having a Board meeting at this time. The APS is not having a Winter Show in 2006 because we wanted to maximize APS support of Washington 2006. This fabulous international stamp show is now only six months away. The APS Board will be meeting at Washington 2006, but had we not scheduled an interim meeting, it would have meant nine months between meetings.

The Board had some leftover business from our previous meeting in August that could not be postponed until next year. In August the Board referred the Society's budget for 2006 to the staff for revision. Earlier in the year the Board formulated and implemented a strategic plan. One of the four main goals was that of ensuring the financial security of the Society. The surest way to achieve financial security is a balanced budget, but we also realize that a balanced budget involves difficult choices.

A second order of business is selecting a host city for an international exhibition in the year 2016. In May an appeal was published in American Philatelist asking for proposals from candidates who would like to organize an international show. Two cities applied: Columbus, Ohio and New York City. Representatives from the philatelic communities in both cities made presentations at our August meeting. The Board requested more information from both groups and will review the responses at our November meeting.

You might wonder why we are working now on a show that won't happen for another decade. A large international event such as next year's Washington 2006 is more than a stamp show. It is a business. The Washington 2006 committee has been hard at work for ten years planning, budgeting, and raising money for a spectacular event that has a nearly $4 million budget.

In selecting a host city for 2016, the APS Board will consider the development of each group's business plan and budget preparations, the suitability of the venue, amenities, affordability, composition and structure of the committee, as well as other aspects of show management.

The APS Board will participate in a planning session to review and amend our strategic plan and set goals for 2006, and we will work with our new Chairman of the Capital Campaign, Steven J. Rod, on a plan to successfully conclude our Project One Capital Campaign. Steve's first message to our membership appears elsewhere in this issue. You will be hearing more about both of these programs in future President's Columns.

Hurricane Katrina

The U.S. Gulf States in the path of hurricane Katrina suffered incomprehensible devastation. The APS has many members and chapters in this area, and we had the opportunity to meet some of these wonderful people at our Winter Show held in Biloxi, Mississippi in 2003. Those of us who attended remember with great affection the outstanding hospitality that was extended to us. The APS Official Family extends its deepest concern and fervent wishes for a better future to all who are picking up the pieces after this unprecedented destruction.

Thanksgiving Greetings

Here in the United States we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November. It is an opportunity to reflect on those things in our lives for which we are grateful. High among the many blessings in my own life are the friendships, fellowship and knowledge I have found through my association with the American Philatelic Society. I wish you a joyous and safe Thanksgiving celebrated among those you love.

Janet Klug
November, 2005

Published by permission. ©2005 Janet Klug

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