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I'm always interested in oversize envelopes. The one cachetmaker Ed Kee used for the 1934 Trans-Mississippi Philatelic Exposition souvenir sheet (Sc. 751) measures 5"x7¼".

First day cover cards, also known as "favor cards" or "maxicards," go back to the 1930s. One of the early practitioners was Clarence Reid.

This envelope was produced by Japan Post, presumably for its own stamps at the U.S. International stamp exhibition Pacific 97. It's about an inch shorter than a No. 10 and slightly wider, and someone used it for the two of the U.S. stamps issued at the show.
These two Scott Joplin FDCs caught my eye, the first because, while I've seen other non-first-day cancels from Joplin for this issue, I haven't seen this one. The second has a seldom-seen cachet.

The postal station at NAPEX was selling the West Virginia statehood stamp on June 2, 18 days before the June 20th release date. Perhaps the clerks didn't see the zero.

And since I had purchased a full pane of 20 of the stamps, I had some more fun with it when I got back to North Carolina, servicing a few predates at my local post office.

This last one wasn't actually purchased at a show, but a show made it possible: My wife and I toured Louisville before the start of AmeriStamp Expo in January 2013. One of the small museums was giving away these cards, regarding Louisville's role in the Civil War, and I serviced two of them.

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Lloyd A. de Vries
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