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First day covers can be used to promote and celebrate all sorts of causes — from charities to thanking volunteers to spectator sports. In this edition of LFF, we'll look at some examples.

Cachetmaking father-son duo Tom and Eric Peluso created this FDC to celebrate the cause of Organ Donation and Transplantation. Tom's son and Eric's brother Thomas received a new kidney in September 2006, and today is in good health. The Americover 2007 pictorial show cancel celebrates volunteers, and, of course, most organs for transplantation are supplied by volunteers.
This first day cover, designed by Dave Bennett of Bennett Cachetoons for CCL Cachets [Chris Calle and Chris Lazaroff], raised money for a cause: A Peruvian orphanage. Note the use of the booklet pane's label as a "cinderella."
The Robert C. Graebner Chapter of the American First Day Cover Society likes to honor its members, which, of course, are the cause for the club's existence. Blair Law was a long-time Graebner member who specialized in postal stationery FDCs, so, fittingly, he was honored on a 2008 Elk envelope.
Each year he was editor of First Days, the official journal of the AFDCS, editor Peter Martin found cause to give thanks to the writers, editors and other volunteers who helped him put out the magazine. He did so by sending them a thank-you FDC such as this one.
Ad agency creative director and professional photographer Rick Barrentine had never heard of first day covers before his photo was chosen for a postage stamp, and he was invited to the stamp's first day ceremony at NAPEX 2009. He found all that cause for celebrating with a cacheted FDC of his own — his first cachet.
You're more like to see stamps like the Patriotic Banner on your non-philatelic mail than most commemoratives, but these stamps are often ignored by FDC collectors. But when the stamp is issued on the Fourth of July, that's cause to celebrate.
Speaking of celebrating, a group of collectors wear loud shirts (often depicting chili peppers) during the last day of each American Philatelic Society StampShow. The cause for their celebration is ostensibly the victory of VSC member Wayne Youngblood in a chili cookoff at StampShow 2003. I think the real reason is they just like getting together at these shows. "Hot Sauce Guy" in the back of the cachet sure looks like Wayne. The guy in the foreground, Albert Bierstadt, painted the scene of Yosemite Valley that graced the commemorative stamp issued during StampShow 2008. The cachet was designed by Chris Calle.
Finally, for many, football in the fall is a cause celebré . Hideaki Nakano took apart a Sc. U618 Football #10 envelope, and refolded it into the shape of a football. According to the note on the back of this origami creation, no cuts were made: The shape was achieved only by folding.

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Lloyd A. de Vries
©2009 de Vries Philatelic Media

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