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Lloyd's Fun FDCs Gallery
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What could be more appropriate for the Computer Technology stamp (Sc. 3106) than an actual computer punchcard? Someone has added a printed photograph and a three-word title, plus the stamp and cancel.
The Homespun Cachets FDC by VSC member Barry Southard for the "Stars & Stripes Forever" stamp, Sc. 3153.
The C-Cubed Cachets FDC by VSC member John Cropper for the Wilma Rudolph stamp, Sc. 3422.
The American First Day Cover Society's official FDC for the stamp issued at its show, the Navajo Jewelry stamp, Sc. 3749. It's a combination FDC: All the stamps are related to the them. Add 'em up: 37 cents.
VSC member Pete McClure got nailed for his "second-month-cover" at John Wayne's birthplace in Iowa. He received a cease-and-desist letter, telling him to stop using the actor's name or that of the museum site. Luckily, he hadn't printed all the cachets on the serviced covers, so he changed the cachet design. Shown here are the before and after versions.
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Lloyd A. de Vries
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