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Cover Catastrophe

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Three of Sc. 1909b Express Mail booklet pane hand-painted FDCs that were ruined.

I don't know what this hand-painted cover was, but it isn't that any more.

An album of Fleetwood/Knapp FDCs for Overrun Nations (1943).

An album of hand-painted Disney FDCs.

An album of Project Mercury FDCs with hand-painted add-on cachets

Even the pedestrian FDCs weren't spared. There are more than 20 boxes of these, each containing about 1,000 covers.

This cover survived a 1933 earthquake but not a 2012 hurricane.

A poster of Negro Leagues baseball players, signed by all 11 of the players.

Actual copies of Harper's Weekly issues from the Civil War: Complete for 1861-1863, then most other issues from the last 16 months of the war.
This is the FDC that was illustrated in Linn's, a Ham hand-painted for Navajo art. You can't tell from this picture, but the stamps are no longer affixed to the envelope, and the cover is soaking wet — so much so that I wouldn't take it out of the sleeve (probably couldn't) and scanned it through the plastic.

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