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Canada Post Takes Off
In September

September 4, Canada Post issues a sheet of 16 stamps to honor the Royal Canadian Air Force's 75th anniversary. The aircraft shown mark significant milestones in the development of Canada's air force. (Click pictures for a larger view)

Also on September 4, Canada Post issues a miniature sheet of four stamps commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian International Air Show, which has thrilled audiences with dazzling aeronautical displays for half a century. Five photos are combined "to form a tableau that makes full use of the sheet, crossing the borders from one stamp to the next," says Canada Post.

Canadian performers are among the 68 subjects in The Millenium Collection, a controversial hard-cover book being issued by Canada Post September 15. At first, the stamps were only going to be available as part of the expensive book. Now, versions will be issued in 17 souvenir sheets of four stamps each on January 17, 2000. Shown here are [top row] bandleader Guy Lombardo, classical pianist Glenn Gould, [bottom row] singer/songwriter/poet/playwright Felix Leclerc and operatic contralto Portia White.

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