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Q. The APS capital campaign ad in Linn's has an updated APS logo--out with the globe, in with the stamp. Is this new logo "official?"

Actually, neither logo is the official seal. This is:

Changing that would require some legal work. The logo to which you refer:

has been modified over the years:

(Note the "Est. 1886" differences.)

And, in fact, at Board of Directors' meeting with Heavy Creative, the advertising agency handling the campaign, VP Ken Lawrence pointed out that the logo had been cobbled together out of 19th Century clip-art. That's not really a stamp album "Lady Philately" is working on.

Heavy Creative felt that the logo was too busy and didn't really convey the ideas in the best light, so it cleaned it up, with this result:

I think you'll be seeing more of the Heavy Creative version as it gradually replaces the earlier ones.

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