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For broadcast on CBS Radio Network stations
July 4-5, 1998:

Too much of a good thing

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries

Press sheets are uncut panes of stamps. What you buy in
the post office is a pane cut from a larger sheet...that
is, there are four or six or sometimes more panes per sheet.
The Postal Service in the last few years has been selling
these uncut sheets to collectors through its philatelic
operation, in limited quantities.

And recently, they've been selling like hotcakes.  The
Trans-Mississippi press sheets were sold out the day
BEFORE they went on sale -- there were that many advance

So the Postal Service has a new rule:  No advance orders
for special limited edition products, and quantities may
be limited.

Collector interest in the surcharged Breast Cancer
Research stamp isn't likely to be anywhere near as
high: The Postal Service this past week set the release
date for July 29th.  Congress insisted the stamp be
issued, but itll cost an extra 8 cents, which'll go to
accounting and charity, in that order.

And that's stamp collecting this week.

I'm Lloyd de Vries, CBS News

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