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For broadcast on CBS Radio Network stations
May 30-31, 1998:

New Stamps Without a Home

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries

The U-S Postal Service this Friday issues two new coil
stamps for bulk mailers. The official first day city for
the Wetlands and Diner stamps is Washington.

At the same time, in suburban Virginia, the major stamp
show NAPEX starts the same day...but the stamps AREN'T
being issued at the show.

In mid-summer, the American First Day Cover Society is
holding its convention in New Jersey, the home of the
diner....and these are the people who celebrate the
issuance of stamps. That show isn't getting any new issues,

Earlier this year, when I asked a Postal Person about
this, he said the only possibility for the convention
might be a rate-change stamp -- quote -- "the sort of
stamp we issue at stamp shows."

And speaking of rate changes, the Postal Service's Board
of Governors meets early this week to consider the rate
hike recommendation.  The Govs can accept it, over-ride
it with a unanimous vote, or put it off until their next
meeting. New rates, of course, will mean new stamps.

And that's stamp collecting this week.

I'm Lloyd de Vries, CBS News

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