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For broadcast on CBS Radio Network stations
May 9-10, 1998: 


The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries

Topicals are stamps collected by topic, or subject. It's
the fastest-growing area of stamp collecting.  With so many
countries milking the cash-cow of pop culture postage stamps
 -- including the U-S -- practically no one can collect
every stamp any more.  Even collecting every stamp from
a single country can be difficult.

It's also easier to relate to stamps on your favorite

So many collectors specialize in topicals.  These themes
can include Lighthouses, sports, music, animals or
occupations....or ANY subject.

The more narrow the topic, the fewer the stamps on that
subject.  For instance, there are many more stamps for
animals in general or even mammals than on, say,
hedgehogs...or dogs in space.  So if you're on a budget,
be more specific.

The American Topical Association is the nation's
second-largest philatelic organization, with about six
thousand members.  It's holding its convention this year
near Washington in mid-July.

And that's stamp collecting this week.

I'm Lloyd de Vries, CBS News  

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