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Off with her head.

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries.

Linnís Stamp News, a hobby newspaper, reports that the woman who was in charge of stamps
for the U-S Postal Service has been replaced -- rather abruptly.

The Postal Service didnít say why, but the paper reports, quote, ďconsiderable turmoilĒ
within her department. I can confirm that; Iíve heard it from several subordinates in
different parts of Stamp Services, her department.

Getting information about upcoming stamps has been like pulling teeth, often coming too
late to be very useful. In other cases, information has been published through other
parts of the Postal Service that apparently didnít realize it was supposed to be secret.

Was it disorganizationÖ or an attempt to make a big splash in the news media? If the
latter, it wasnít working. The Batman and Wilt Chamberlain stamps, for example, should be
getting more attention.

The interim stamps chief is a woman who has worked in Stamp Services for years and
understands the product better.

But the people above her havenít changed.

I'm Lloyd de Vries of The Virtual Stamp Club. For more on stamps and stamp collecting,
visit virtual-stamp-club-dot-com.

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