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The Year in Stamps.

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries.

There was no fix for the U-S Postal Service's financial woes -- if anything, they got
worse when the agency defaulted on two 5-and-a-half billion dollar payments to a
benefits fund. And with Congress deadlocked over other problems, it's not known when
anything will be done.

The Postal Service's Board of Governors vetoed putting living people on U-S stamps. A
few months later, apparently unrelated, former Postal Service cycling star Lance
Armstrong was stripped of all his medals for doping.

It was revealed a well-known and -liked collector had embezzled money from an organization.
He paid it back, but the shock waves are still spreading.

The Postal Service issued a set of Lady Bird Johnson stamps, apparently under political
pressure. It also took out a five-million dollar contract with a P-R firm to publicize ten
stamps in 20-13.... and began producing TWO 54-dollar collectibles for every commemorative

Britain's Royal Mail commemorated 50 years of James Bond movies and Queen Elizabeth's
Diamond Jubilee — No word on which sold better, but we can guess — and every British Olympic
gold medal.

And Israel and Gibraltar had a disagreement about a stamp design that showed a site in a
disputed territory, East Jerusalem, and canceled a joint issue.

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