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Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

The stamp collecting report. Iím Lloyd de Vries.

Even at this point, we know what some of the big stamp stories of Two Thousand Ten will be.

First, something that WON'T happen -- a postal rate hike in the U-S  Ė but that doesnít mean 
the U-S Postal Service has stopped the flow of red ink. Itís because there was no inflation 
in 2009, and rates are tied to the Consumer Price Index now. The red ink is likely to continue.

You might call the Two Thousand Ten U-S stamp program The Year of the Woman. The headliners are 
Mother Teresa, Katharine Hepburn and Kate Smith.

But there are also stamps for sailors, movie cowboys, and boy scouts.

Also, there could be new designs for the Forever stamp.

Britain leads off the year with stamps featuring Classic Album COVERS Ė of Led Zeppelin, Pink 
Floyd, Cold Play and Clash, among others Ė all but one rock Ďn roll.

Itís the Lunar or Chinese Year of the Tiger Ė kind of ironic, considering the golf starís fall 
from grace in 2009.

Each year, European countries issue stamps on a common theme. This time, itís Childrenís Books.

The American Philatelic Society, the nationís major stamp club, is taking its educational 
programs around the country, with courses offered just before half a dozen major stamp shows. 
Itís the A-P-Sís most ambitious educational undertaking of that sort ever.

And Finland is issuing a stamp featuring Antiques from the 1960s Ė including go-go boots...
Iím feeling really old.

I'm Lloyd de Vries of The Virtual Stamp Club. For more on stamps and stamp collecting, and 
what's happening in 2010, visit Virtual-Stamp-Club-dot-com.

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