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Don't have a cow, man.

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries.

[Simpsons theme music]

The recent news by the U-S Postal Service that it will be issuing stamps for an animated 
television series--

"The Simpsons....." RUNS :03

--is sure to cause some head-scratching.

First, there are all those people with pet causes and favorite subjects that DIDN'T get 
onto U-S stamps this year. We heard it 12 years ago, when everyone from members of 
Congress on down said, "If they can issue a stamp for Bugs Bunny, why isn't there one for" 
and you pick the subject.

And, in fact, this year, the Postal Service is ignoring the 400th anniversary of Henry 
Hudson's voyage up the river that bears his name and the 200th anniversary of the 

Stamp collectors are puzzled because other stamps planned for this year were CUT recently, 
because of postal budget problems.

And collectors also remember the Star Wars stamps of two years ago...which really didn't 
sell that well.

But those stamps were in an odd format, hard to use. THESE Simpsons stamps will be in the 
booklet format that many mailers prefer.

So between fans of The Simpsons and mailers, the Postal Service is likely to make lots 

"D'oh!" RUNS :01

--or money on these stamps.

I'm Lloyd de Vries of The Virtual Stamp Club. For more on stamps and stamp collecting, and to 
weigh in on The Simpsons stamps, visit virtual-stamp-club-dot-com. [+ music tag] 

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