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Swooning over Sinatra

The Stamp Collecting Report. I'm Lloyd de Vries.

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I had the chance recently to attend two ceremonies launching the Frank Sinatra stamp. The first 
was in New York City, and featured his children Nancy and Frank Junior.

Later that day, along with other stamp collectors, I crossed the Hudson to Sinatra's hometown, 
Hoboken, New Jersey, for an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful park on the river. Frank Junior was 
the featured speaker there, but I don't think *HE* took the train under the river.

There was also a ceremony on the stamp's first day of sale in Las Vegas with his other daughter, 

Last December, when the stamp was announced, Nancy Sinatra told me she preferred the hometown 
for the main ceremony.

"I suggested Hoboken because there's a post office named for him there, it's the Frank Sinatra 
post office, and I thought that would be very appropriate."

But the bigger cities, New York and Las Vegas won out.

Most of those attending seemed to be fans rather than stamp collectors.

You could tell who was who by their activities. The stamp collectors brought all sorts of 
collectibles WITH them, such as phonograph records, cards and special envelopes, and put the new 
stamp on them. The Sinatra fans mostly bought the souvenirs offered by the Postal Service.

The events gave the family a chance to share their joy over the stamp with Sinatra's fans...and 
the fans learned a little more about the man behind the music.

I'm Lloyd de Vries of The Virtual Stamp Club. For more on stamps and stamp collecting, and to 
see pictures of the Sinatra ceremonies in New York and Hobooken, visit virtual-stamp-club-dot-com.

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