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Raising False Hopes

The Stamp Collecting Report. I'm Lloyd de Vries.

Sometimes it seems as if the Postal Service's right hand doesn't know what the LEFT hand 
is doing. Other times, we're SURE of it.

Recently, someone at the unit that sells stamps to collectors distributed a list of this 
year's issues. There was a surprise on it we hadn't seen before: Twenty Early Television 

We got excited at the possibilities:

"Hey, kids, what time is it?" + cheers
RUNS :03

or maybe....

Lone Ranger announcer + theme
RUNS :05

Or Playhouse 90 or Ed Sullivan or .... The possibilities are endless.

And then a spokesman at postal headquarters, where they decide WHICH stamps to sell 
collectors, said uh, uh, those stamps aren't being issued this year.

Oh, well, maybe next year.

By the way, seven classic T-V shows have already been honored on U-S stamps, during the 
Celebrate the Century series nine years ago, including I Love Lucy, Star Trek, All In The 
Family, Monday Night Football, Sesame Street, Cosby, and Seinfeld.

I'm Lloyd de Vries of The Virtual Stamp Club. For more on stamps and stamp collecting, and 
to find out if we ever DO get these stamps, visit

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