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For broadcast on CBS Radio Network stations February 11-12, 2006:

Do It Yourself

The Stamp Collecting Report, I'm Lloyd de Vries. 

The new postal rates are in effect, but so far the U-S Postal Service has only issued 
thirty-nine-cent stamps covering the basic letter rate. New stamps for the international 
rates aren't due for a couple of weeks and stamps for other domestic rates won't be 
available until next month. You can use several older stamps to make the correct rates, 
or use those thirty-nine's and overpay.

Or you can make your own. 

Zazzle, Endicia <en-DEESH-sha> and Stamps-dot-com let you create stamps in the missing 
denominations, such as twenty-four cents for postcards and additional ounces in letters.

Not only that, but YOU can decide which pictures will be on the stamps.

There IS a hitch, however: You'll pay more than face value for these stamps. For example, 
the Postal Service will charge less than five bucks for twenty of its butterfly postcard 
stamps next month. PERSONALIZED stamps will cost you twelve to fifteen dollars. 

Maybe using those two-cent stamps isn't so bad after all.

And that's Stamp Collecting this week. 

I'm Lloyd de Vries, CBS News. 

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